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Explore Senior Haven: Your Heartfelt Home in Portland. At Senior Haven, we redefine assisted living with a blend of care, comfort, and community. Our ethos, “Home is where the heart is,” permeates everything we do, from personalized care to fostering deep connections. Our expert team delivers exceptional, tailored care, ensuring every resident feels truly at home. Join us at Senior Haven, where care meets compassion and living is about loving.

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Welcome to Senior Haven, where golden years gleam brighter!

Senior Haven takes great pride in creating a caring and personalized atmosphere specifically designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of our cherished seniors. With lively shared spaces and customized care plans, we guarantee that each resident enjoys comfort, happiness, and a deep feeling of community.

Assisted Living: Let Our Family Take Care of Yours Senior Haven RCF

Join Portland’s top Assisted Living Facility: Senior Haven is home, and as they say, “Home is where the heart is.” At Senior Haven, we provide compassionate, comprehensive care for seniors while providing an engaging, comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Our highly qualified team of nurses, certified nursing assistants, caregivers and support staff are experienced in providing individualized, innovative, high-quality short and long-term care for older adults. No other community combines Senior Haven’s high level of care with its commitment to meaningful relationships and love. We  accommodate a wide variety of specific needs and provide the expertise needed to navigate changes in care, all within a beautiful community our residents are proud to call home.

“I have some experience with care facilities for my Mom and I could not be happier than I am with Senior Haven. I would give 10 stars if it were an option. My Mom needed some special care and she got it…The staff is amazing. The owners, administrators, med techs…Everyone! You can really tell when people in this industry truly care and Senior Haven does. My wife and I spent a lot of time at Senior Haven with our Mom so we got to see firsthand how they treat the seniors who live there. The staff was responsive, easy to reach by phone or in person when needed and my Mom loved them which is the most important part. If you are in need of an awesome place for a loved one do yourself a favor and go visit…Meet see staff, tour the facility etc. I would use their services again in a heartbeat. THANK YOU. Love ya all, Kurt Nilsen.” - Google Review
Kurt Nielsen
Google Review
“My mother lived at Senior Haven for just under a year, and our family could not be happier with the care she received. From the owner to the Administrator to staff providing the day-to-day care, we felt so fortunate that she considered Senior Haven home. The staff were truly compassionate and provided incredible care. If we could offer a 6-star review, we would–we were that happy with the care received…”- Kristine P, Google Review
Kristine P.
Google Review
“My grandfather spent the last two and a half weeks of his life here, and honestly I could not have hoped for a better, more present, loving staff to ease his pain as he passed. They did everything they could for him, worked with his every need, and made sure that he wasn’t in pain. They encouraged me to decorate his room with pictures, let me come on my 3am lunch breaks to hold his hand, and cared for him with love and dignity. I was grateful for them then, and two years later I am still grateful for them. They were kind, present, so easy to work with, and beyond helpful.”- Amy Bunker, Google Review
Amy Bunker
Google Review

A Tranquil Refuge

Where Your Safety is Our Utmost Concern. At the heart of our ethos is your security and well-being. Through rigorous security protocols and the vigilance of our dedicated staff, we've established a serene oasis, ensuring a calm and secure environment. Beyond safeguarding your physical well-being, we cherish your emotional comfort, nurturing an atmosphere rich in trust and community. Emergency systems and proficiently trained professionals, assistance is always within reach, promising peace of mind. At Senior Haven, we offer more than just residence; we provide a fortress of safety, allowing you to cherish and maximize every moment of life.

Dining transcends mere eating to become a memorable journey

With immense pride, our chefs curate an array of gourmet offerings, ensuring variety that meets all tastes and nutritional needs. In our refined dining space, residents come together to delight in meals crafted with care and excellence, transforming dining into a vibrant social affair. Embracing everything from the freshness of farm-to-table to the excitement of international culinary evenings, Peters Creek elevates dining to an exploration of community, taste and shared joy. Each meal is an invitation to savor exceptional food in the company of friends, making dining a cherished part of everyday life.

Your Path to Health and Balance at Senior Haven

At Senior Haven, wellness infuses every aspect of our community. Our comprehensive strategy includes everything from invigorating exercise sessions to wholesome dining options and mental wellness seminars, all personalized to suit the unique preferences and requirements of our residents. Our wellness initiatives are designed to encourage a harmonious and healthy way of living backed by a team dedicated to your care. In our community, wellness signifies a dynamic lifestyle embraced by a supportive environment deeply invested in your health and happiness.

Your Path to Health and Balance at Senior Haven

At the core of Senior Haven lies a lively assortment of social and leisure pursuits designed to spark happiness, nurture relationships, and enhance everyday living. From thrilling group excursions and artistic workshops to vibrant social circles and celebratory gatherings, our community is always buzzing with excitement. Our extensive schedule is crafted to appeal to various passions, guaranteeing that all residents find activities that resonate with their interests. These events are more than just entertaining—they're avenues for forging meaningful connections, discovering new hobbies, and leading an engaging, active life. Join our welcoming community and find yourself surrounded by endless possibilities for fun, friendship, and discovery.

Explore Elegance and Ease

Enter a world where luxury harmonizes with comfort at Senior Haven, your exclusive retirement oasis. Begin your mornings with invigorating fitness sessions, then indulge in exquisite culinary creations from our masterful chefs. Our vibrant schedule is filled with captivating social and leisure pursuits designed to cultivate friendships and spark interest in new pastimes. Are you planning an outing? Let our convenient transport services seamlessly connect you to shopping, appointments, and entertainment adventures. Senior Haven is more than just a place to live—it's a dynamic, fulfilling journey tailored for the golden chapters of life.

Clear and Customized Pricing for Your Assurance

Navigating through the financial aspects of retirement living is crucial for making confident choices. At Senior Haven, our approach centers on clarity and fairness, guaranteeing that our community members enjoy top-tier amenities and services without any hidden costs. We've designed our pricing model to be transparent and comprehensive, accommodating various financial situations with options that cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Our dedication lies in offering an enriching, cost-effective retirement journey, ensuring tranquility for both our residents and their loved ones.

Effortless Mobility: Trustworthy Transport Solutions at Your Doorstep

Experience the ease and liberty of moving around with our top-notch transportation offerings. Senior Haven provides dependable and cozy travel solutions, enabling you to seamlessly navigate to appointments, indulge in shopping sprees, or explore local highlights—all without the stress of driving. Our punctual and organized transport schedule means you can conveniently arrange your trips, whether it’s for group outings, cultural happenings, or solo adventures. With our courteous drivers at the helm, prioritizing your safety and comfort, each trip becomes an enjoyable escapade. Let us remove the travel burdens, fully immersing you in the joys and discoveries each journey brings.

Feel the Warmth and Mastery

At Senior Haven, we cherish the exceptional warmth and skillfulness our staff brings to our community, laying the foundation for a hospitable and inviting environment. Every team member is meticulously chosen and trained, ensuring they deliver not only expert service but also heartfelt care and attentiveness to each resident. Our range of staff, from adept caregivers to considerate support personnel, is devoted to fostering a space where every individual feels seen, appreciated, and perfectly at ease. Their professional capabilities guarantee outstanding care and streamlined services, while their friendliness and accessibility enrich every interaction with comfort and assurance. Here, our staff transcends the typical employee role, becoming a part of your extended family, dedicated to ensuring your happiness and health.

24 Hour Personal Assistance
Attentive healthcare staff on site and eager to help 24 hours per day, seven days per week year round
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Meal Preparation
Experienced and knowledgeable dining staff who work diligently to ensure each resident’s nutritional needs are met
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Personal Hygiene
Highly trained, caring, and professional caregivers address personal hygiene needs for our residents
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Medication Management
Nurse oversight and state-of-the-art technology ensure medications are administered with precision
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Care Plans and Assessments
Individual and detailed assessments by experienced, caring nurses
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Laundry and Housekeeping
Robust cleaning and sanitation program with high-end commercial equipment
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Embracing the Charm of Portland, Oregon

Experience the delight of retirement in Portland, Oregon, where the allure of urban sophistication meets the tranquil beauty of nature. In this dynamic city, retirees find themselves immersed in a world of cultural vibrancy, cutting-edge technology, and the breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of verdant parks, partake in lively community gatherings, and delve into the unique offerings of local markets. Portland provides an ideal mix of leisure and excitement, ensuring a harmonious lifestyle. Within this friendly, supportive community, you’re invited to enjoy an active, rewarding, and interconnected retirement, all set against the backdrop of Portland’s stunning natural beauty and progressive charm.